Event Fee Refund Policy

We aim to be fair and transparent with our fee refund policy while acknowledging the logistical and financial commitments involved in event planning. Please review the details of our policy below:

No-Fee Cancellation until May 15: Attendees can cancel their participation and receive a full refund of the fee without any cancellation charges until May 15. We provide this flexibility to accommodate changes in your plans without any financial penalty up to this date.

50% Refund until June 30: If you need to cancel your participation between May 16 and June 30, you will be eligible for a 50% refund of the fee. This policy acknowledges the closer proximity to the event date and the incurred costs that cannot be recuperated.

No Refunds after June 30: Cancellations made after June 30 will not be eligible for any refund. By this stage, we have allocated resources and made commitments based on the anticipated participation, and we are unable to refund any part of the fee.

We recommend that all attendees consider these guidelines when making their payments. For cancellations or any questions regarding this policy, please reach out to the registration team at